Friday, May 29, 2009

The Beginning

So tonight (or early today) I was on and I came across a funny article on Brett Favre. The article was about his indecisiveness not only regarding football, but through life in general. It described his "recent inability to make decisions of any kind," and the way its affecting his home life. What else is new? Retire man, you're 40 years old. You have grey hair. You like wrangler jeans. Come on, give it up. Personally, I can't stand Brett Favre's nonsense anymore. If I were ESPN, I would ban his name in our studio. He couldn't hack it in New York anyway. Grandpa.

So what's with this flying a Boeing 747 over Manhattan and the rest of New York City to get a picture of a plane near the Statue Of Liberty nonsense? Are you serious? Has the United States government ever heard of PHOTOSHOP? You're trying to tell me that with all the crazy advanced endless technology we ensue, we can't photoshop a plane flying over the Statue Of Liberty? Like for real? Come on guys YOU'RE FLYING A PLANE OVER NEW YORK CITY and you're bewildered at the reaction of American citizens?! How bout 'em.

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