Friday, November 26, 2010

Enough said...

Not to mention that in the last three times Darrelle Revis faced off against Terrell Owens, Owens was held to a total of nine catches for 63 yards.

Still think he's "just an average corner" T.O.?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bart barks back at Lion's head coach

After Sunday's overtime victory over the Detroit Lion's, Bart Scott was quoted saying that Detroit was the dirtiest team in the league and that he can't wait to play them again.

Lion's head coach Jim Schwartz then fired back, saying "consider the source."

Did Schwartz think Scott was going to keep his mouth shut after that?

“Listen, I don’t have to play Detroit for another four years,” Scott said Wednesday. “I couldn’t care less what that man has to say. Don’t even exist to me anymore. Does it really matter? I don’t have to see him ever again. Do I have to see him at the Super Bowl? Playoffs? Probably not …. In the parking lot?”

He then added, "He'll be watching TV in January."


Slauson returns to practice

Left guard Matt Slauson returned to practice on Thursday after sitting out Wednesday's practice. He vows to be on the playing field on Sunday when the Jets face their former heir, Eric Mangini, and his Cleveland team.

Marquice Cole (hamstring) was the only Jet to miss practice while the rest of the team prepares for the Ryan/Mangini Bowl.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Just because Eric Mangini lost a lot of weight doesn't mean he's a good coach...

Sherman! Sherman! Sherman!

I'm happy for you, Mangini, for the fact that you found yourself a new job as head coach of the Browns - the only team in the NFL with no logo on their helmet - and the job suits you pretty well.

Your bland, uncharismatic coaching style matches that of the Browns plain, boring, orange helmets.

However, I'm always one to give credit when credit is due, so thank you Eric Mangini for Mark Sanchez and Braylon Edwards.

See you in the playoffs? Doubt it.

Rex dresses up as twin brother Rob, adds fuel to the Mangini/Ryan Bowl fire

Not only did Rex put on a show for reporters by dressing up as his twin brother Rob, defensive coordinator for the Browns, during his Wednesday news conference, but he also put a fake bounty on his brothers head.

"There's a rumor floating around that there's been a bounty placed on his head by me,'' said Rex. "Let's be honest, there is a bounty on his head, there's no question. But I'm a little concerned about our guys bouncing off of his belly."

What about your belly, Rex?

Aside from the brotherly love, four Jets sat out during Wednesday's practice. Matt Slauson (knee) and Marquice Cole (hamstring) both rode stationary bikes while the rest of the Jets continued to ready themselves for the 3-5 Browns - a team that is quietly winning games under the radar despite having the toughest schedule in the league.

In fact, their three wins have all come against defending division champions: the Saints, Patriots and Bengals. Their defense has allowed only 13 points in the first quarter of play combined (the Jets have allowed only 10) and in their last 12 games, dating back to last season, the Browns have a winning record of 7-5.

The same old Browns? I think not.

Ladanian Tomlinson and Tony Richardson also did not practice on Wednesday, but their reasons were not injury related.

Slauson, the Jets' fifth round draft pick two years ago and a surprise addition to the run game due to his production this season, could be the first starting offensive lineman to sit since the 2007-2008 season when Alan Faneca, now a Cardinal, was a starter.

Slauson has helped anchor the Jets offensive line alongside Nick Mangold, D'Brickashaw Ferguson, Brandon Moore and Damien Woody. Without Slauson, the Jets running game - which has underproduced in the last three weeks - could find themselves dug deep into a hole this week.

Rob Turner would start in place of Slauson if he is a no-go come Sunday.

Monday, November 1, 2010

And the award for the best halloween costume of 2010 goes to...the New York Jets

Photo Credit: ESPN

Was it just me or on Sunday did the New York Jets give their season-best rendition of the "same old Jets?"

It was an ugly one out there, to say the least.

Mark Sanchez was running around like a chicken without a head. Not to sound corny or cliche, but really, if you dressed a chicken in a green No. 6 Jets jersey and cut its head off, you would really see some resemblance between the two. He just looked flat out terrible all game long. From the first quarter until the fourth quarter I couldn't stand to do anything but cringe every time I saw him drop back and NOT hand the ball off. A missed throw here, a dropped INT there - it was just ugly. So ugly that his stats alone back me up.

For instance, in games one through six, Sanchez converted on 50% of his passes when the defense rushed five or more players. Also during these games, Sanchez' touchdown-to-interception ratio was a favorable 7:1 with a passer rating of 96.6 to back it up.

On Sunday, game seven of the Jets' 2010 season, Sanchez had a 20% completion percentage while throwing one INT, boasting a dismal 14.2 passer rating. That's certainly not what the Jets' brass like to see out of their franchise quarterback midway through the season.

Aside from Sanchez' bad day, you have to look at the help, or lack of help, the rest of his offense provided.

For one, I thought that the Jets' receiving corps made a bad offensive game plan look even worse. Big drops by Cotchery all game long, lazy routes courtesy of Braylon Edwards, and a drop by Santonio Holmes on a drag route that could have easily led to a 40+ yard touchdown pass didn't help either.

Photo Credit: ESPN

"I never want to play on Halloween again," Cotchery said.

I don't blame you.

And if ragging on Sanchez and his receivers weren't enough, there's plenty more to say about the run-game, special teams and coaching, too.

Shonn Greene and Ladanian Tomlinson both averaged under four yards per carry, an unusual sight for both running backs. I can't even tell you how many times LT tripped emerging from the line of scrimmage. It was like somebody strung dental floss from one side of the field to the other at the line of scrimmage and LT tripped or stumbled over it every. single. time. Not to mention he fumbled late in the game as well and just so happened to be fortunate enough to end up on top of it. He also blew a blocking assignment that allowed an easy sack for Green Bay late in the game, too. Just an overall debacle from a rushing attack that before week 8 had been ranked second in the league and helped the Jets reach the AFC Championship last year.

I don't know what kind of offensive game plan the Jets were trying to get away with this week, but it didn't work in the first half, and, if tweaked, obviously didn't work in the second half either. Rex also used his challenge flag twice in the first half, a no-no for any coach, both of which resulted in unfavorable calls for the Jets.

Special teams was a disaster, too. Nick Folk, who was 13-of-15 (including a 56-yard boot) before Sunday's loss, missed a big field goal that would have tied the game late in the third quarter.

And if you were wondering why I have yet to mention Steve Weatherford in this blog, it's because I can't mutter his name without feeling my blood starting to boil. 4th-and-19 and you fake it? Come on Weatherford. When in doubt, PUNT.

So what does all of this mean?

Does it mean that Rex was wrong for giving the Jets a week off on their bye? Does it mean that the Jets are no longer a legit AFC contender? Or does it mean that in the first seven weeks of the season the Jets were just waiting to reveal their familiar "same old Jets" mantra?

No, no, and no.

All this means is that it's time for the Jets to head back to the drawing board and fix their offense, since this was the second game of the season where the Jets lost while allowing only 10-points or less on defense.

I actually considered driving three hours to scalp and watch this game from the New Meadowlands with a few buddies, but I'm happy to say now that I didn't.

Instead of having to wait two weeks to see a Gang Green touchdown, I now have to wait three (thanks Shotty).

The Jets can't get to the Super Bowl riding on hype alone - it's time to play some decent football again.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

LT’s resurgence vaults Jets to No. 2 rushing attack, best record in football

At 5-1, the New York Jets are right where they want to be: leading the league in wins.

It would be impartial not to thank one of the Jets’ gambles, an offseason free agency acquisition of Ladanian Tomlinson, for the success the team has had thus far as teams approach the halfway mark of the 2010-2011 season.

In fact, the Jets are only one point away from being a perfect 6-0 football team.

Tomlinson and the Jets, along with RB Shonn Greene and the versatile Brad Smith, have boasted an impressive 159.2 rushing yards per game, second to only the Kansas City Chiefs and the workload of former Jets RB Thomas Jones.

Although LT(2) is not the leagues leading rusher, he has already shown the value the Jets believe he still had in only the first six games of the season. He is averaging 5.3 yards per carry in 92 rushing attempts with 490 total rushing yards and five touchdowns.

The league leader in rushing, the Giants Ahmad Bradshaw, has tallied similar numbers: 5.3 yards per carry on 134 rushing attempts while gaining just over 700 yards. Perhaps if Tomlinson’s number of carries were increased he’d be atop the league in rushing alone, but needless to say, the Jets have found themselves a potent rushing attack for the second straight year.

And it seems to be working.

Remember, the Jets No. 1 ranked rushing attack last year led them to an AFC Championship game appearance last January. Now, the Jets are hoping it leads them to somewhere they haven’t been in 40-plus years.

In order to get there, the Jets need Tomlinson to continue to produce with the same fire he has shown in the first six games of the season. Tomlinson needs only 20 rushing yards to reach the 13,000-yard milestone for his career. Six players have rushed for more yards in NFL history and it seems possible that Tomlinson could pass No. 6 Eric Dickerson and No. 5 Jerome Bettis come seasons end.

The resurgence of LT has not only appeared worthwhile on the field, but off the field as well. Tomlinson’s leadership ability, which was oft-criticized in San Diego, has caught the attention of fellow teammates and future Hall of Famer’s in the locker-room.

Fourteen-year veteran linebacker and surefire Hall of Fame inductee Jason Taylor, who is admittedly not one for rah-rah speeches, expressed that one of Tomlinson’s speeches in particular, one in which LT praised former Green Bay coach Vince Lombardi’s speech on “What it takes to be No. 1,” made him realize what he’s here for.

“We're trying to get a ring, and he wants it, and he wants it bad, and he let us know that," Taylor told Greg Garber of ESPN.

"He didn't just read it," Taylor said, "he almost acted it out. You can tell when something means something to somebody. When they deliver it with such passion, such conviction, it goes deeper. LT delivering it, to me, meant something. It hit home. It got your blood flowing."

Taylor, who came to the Jets for the same reason Tomlinson did, to win a Super Bowl for the first time in his career, now has a copy of Lombardi’s speech hanging in his office.

Perhaps the Jets need Tomlinson for more than they had originally thought.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Two men who have seemed to lose their power...

Nolan Ryan just looks plain deflated/flabbergasted/confused here. I guess that's how it feels when you sit front row and watch your beloved Rangers fall victim to the defending World Series champs after leading, 5-0. Hey Nolan, next time sit in the luxury suites atop that ginger ale soaked Arlington ballpark so you never have to deal with a picture of you like this surfacing ever again. And as for Bush, 'nuff said.

Did Ron Washington really think that taking C.J. Wilson out of the game would strengthen the Rangers' chances of winning? Are you kidding me? If you've watched the Yankees this season or last, at all, you would know that we are a 7th, 8th and 9th inning team. We beat up bullpens and the more bullpen pitchers you throw at us the more we're going to make the game look like a quick BP session.

Say what you want about the payroll and our starting lineup, but don't expect to shut the Yanks out, nor ever count them out of a game. You saw what the Yanks did last night: sit back and let the opposing pitcher work himself into trouble and trust the guy behind you. They aren't called the Bronx Bombers for nothing.

As for C.C., Carsten is still my homeboy. One rough outing shouldn't scare anyone except the Rangers' lineup should they face him again. Guaranteed that C.C. is out for blood come next start.

Also, Robbie Cano went BOOM! again. MVP? Maybe. Clutch? Definitely.

Prediction: Yankees in 5.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

This Brett Favre allegation has made my week...

Listen to Brett Favre's (alleged) voicemails to Jenn Sterger, formerly of the New York Jets, here. Don't mind the supposed Favre manhood at the bottom.

By the way, I knew you couldn't hack it in N.Y. grandpa. Go pull a Kobe and buy your wife a multi-million dollar ring now to save your marriage. I would give you an A for effort because Jenn Sterger is a perfect 10, but there's no proof that you even bagged her! She was afraid she'd end up in a garbage can...

P.S. If this wasn't bad enough, you still have the face the Jets' defense on Monday night. Best of luck Brett!

Monday, September 27, 2010

They STILL can't stop Leon...

(ESPN) - The Seattle Seahawks have been around since 1976.

Leon Washington has been a member of the Seahawks for three weeks.

But on Sunday, he became the franchise's all-time leader in kickoffs returned for touchdowns when he returned two against the
San Diego Chargers in the Seahawks' 27-20 win. Washington returned the first one 101 yards, and his second one went for 99 yards.

Besides the freak Seahawks fan who starts off this video and probably got caught and kicked out of Qwest Field for five knuckle shuffling to it in the bathroom, the last thing I wanted to see was Leon the holdout run back two kick off returns for touchdowns. But come on, dude with the grey hair, are you ****ing kidding me? I can't believe that this was the only video I could find on YouTube to embed on here. I SMELL BLOOD! Weirdo.

Honestly, I hated the Leon trade when it happened and it scares the sh*t out of me if we're trying to replace him with Joe McKnight. McKnight couldn't even pass a physical and I don't think he's seen a touch yet. I know Leon went through a hell of an injury to recover from, but look at him now. Fibula what? Get that $$$ Leon, you deserve it.

One liners, courtesy of Yahoo!'s homepage

Really, Yahoo!, another corny/racy/who cares headline? On the front page? Guess you can't find anything interesting to write about.

And does this headline even surprise you? Like he's never tried this one least he's wearing that bling bling.

Jets-Fins quick postgame thoughts...

(Associated Press) - MIAMI — Braylon Edwards spent the first quarter on the sideline. Soon enough, he was dancing in the end zone for the New York Jets.

Benched at the start because of a drunken-driving arrest, Edwards turned a short pass into a 67-yard touchdown, and the Jets beat the Miami Dolphins 31-23 on Sunday night.

Mark Sanchez threw three touchdown passes for the second week in a row, and the Jets forged a three-way tie atop the AFC East with the Dolphins and Patriots. All are 2-1.

Bag one for Sanchez and his offensive compadres but I'm not going to lie, our defense scared me a little bit tonight. I don't know why Kyle Wilson won't turn his head around and find the ball, ever. And I also don't know why Antonio Cromartie falls down on every ball thrown to him. Needless to say, we're not the same team without Revis.

Despite allowing Chad Henne pull a Dave Chappelle all over the Jets' defense, the Jets still found a way to win. With Mark Sanchez throwing for over 200 yards and three touchdown passes in each of the last two games against divisional opponents, the Sanchize has undoubtedly silenced some of his critics...for now. It's still early.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tell me this is a joke...

"Let's ****ing ball all year long." -Mark Sanchez, following the Jets' 28-14 upset over their division rivals, the New England Patriots.

So much for that, Braylon.

Shortly after I hyped you up yesterday, I wake up to a text from a fellow Jet fan telling me you get nabbed for DWI this morning. Looks like you took Sanchez's meaning of "ball" the wrong way.

Update: If that wasn't enough, it was later discovered that pro bowl left tackle D'Brickashaw Ferguson and 2006 draft-bust Vernon Gholston were passengers when Edwards was pulled over and arrested early Tuesday morning. Edwards will dress on Sunday against Miami, but will not start.

Just what the Jets need...more attention.

Monday, September 20, 2010

'Hey Braylon, teach me how to dougie!"

After the Jets' first quarter performance on Sunday, I couldn't help but to think of the MNF game just a few days before: penalties, third down defense, and a terrible offensive performance all around. I seriously debated turning the TV off and going to sleep after watching Tom Brady-locks march down the field to lead the Pats to a 7-0 lead.

But I'm a Jet fan, I knew the game would be exciting regardless if Tom Brady threw for 400+ yards and a handful of touchdowns, so I stuck around.

Even after Darrelle Revis got burnt on a Tom Brady-Randy Moss hookup, I still stuck around.

I guess you can say that I had a good feeling about this one.

Who would've thought that Mark Sanchez would chuck three TD's against a division rival after being criticized all week for his poor decision making and check-down mentality? No one. Who would've thought that the Jets defense would shut down Tom Brady in the second half without Darrelle Revis, who left the game with a hamstring problem? No one. And who would've thought that Braylon Edwards would teach Darius Butler 'how to dougie?' No one.

Get my point?

The Jets came out firing on all cylinders, looking like a different team from week 1. No more turnovers, conservative play calls or confusing formation shifts; it was time to let the boys loose.

Rex Ryan's 'next man up' accountability paid off. Jason Taylor recorded his first sack as a Jet in the fourth quarter with a Tom Brady strip-sack that Bryan Thomas scooped up. Rob Turner replaced Nick Mangold on a 70-yard Jets scoring drive when Mangold's shoulder gave out. Free agent signing Brodney Pool came in and had a huge pic down the sideline while Cromartie stuck to Moss like white on rice after Revis left with an injury to the lower leg. Speaking of Cromartie, this was his second straight game with a pic, not to mention he held Randy Moss without a reception in the second half. I thought he was overrated?

I hadn't even mentioned what we lead the league in last year: our running game. LT was an absolute BEAST out there, and that's always good to see from a Gang Green standpoint. And at the end of the game, what do the Jets do? Pound the football with Greene, wear out the D a little.

Week 2 in the books, bring on the 'fins.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Atlantic City and football trash-talk -- my two favorite things

Back from my midweek hiatus in Atlantic City I now find myself with significantly less money than I had arrived there with, but what else can you really expect when heading to such a popular tourist getaway?

I got burnt on every hand that I was dealt, even when I sat down with my favorite dealer, Sophia. I don't mean to sound cliche but if it wasn't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all.

Besides losing about a hundo on the tables, I took some time to take a run along the beach. I only ran about a mile and a half but it felt like at least three while trekking through the wet sand. It's a shame Jersey smells the way it does, too (something I noticed while running).

Also, it rained so hard on Tuesday that our hotel flooded. Yes, flooded. The rainfall was so heavy that it also flooded my grandparents car in the valet parking lot beneath the hotel. Grandma made up for it by stealing a ridiculous amount of food from the buffet, though. Props to her.

As for sports, the Jets and Giants squared off on Monday Night Football on ESPN at New Meadowlands Stadium and I must admit, I have undoubtedly missed the trash talking that comes along with every passing football season.

I thought that the Jets first team offense looked strong, besides the Sanchez pick. It looked like he tried to force it in there to his new back (LT) and the ball took a weird deflection and landed right in the Giants newly acquired DB Antrel Rolle. Sanchez rebounded with two straight scoring drives, hitting Braylon, LT, Cotchery and Keller on a few sharp passes.

As usual, the Jets defense looked strong, and left the Giants franchise quarterback with a 3-inch gash on his forehead. I couldn't help but crack a small smile seeing that. In fact, I'm smiling as I type this out, not because Eli got hurt, but because I get the opportunity to watch the Jets defense reek havoc for the next four-to-five months.

We held Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw to a combined 1-yard rushing, and without Revis our secondary still looked strong. AlCROtraz fits in perfectly with Rex Ryan's organized chaos and rookie Kyle Wilson was untested, leaving me a little wary.

Besides that, the Giants may have found Domenik Hixon's replacement in rookie WR Victor Cruz. That kid is dirty and deserved the No. 1 spot on Sportscenter's Top 10. I believe he also deserves a spot on the team, considering his play on Monday night and throughout my observations in training camp.

The Giants ended up winning the game with each teams third-stringers out on the field, but that means squat. I lost a little respect for Brandon Jacobs though, because he had the balls to run his mouth after the game after gaining negative yards against our defense. Or maybe because he denied me an interview when I was covering Giants camp, who knows?

Either way, 2010 should prove to be an exciting year for both New York teams.

Stay tuned...

Oh and Jacobs, next time you try to score from the 1-yard line, don't take four times to do so, or you might find yourself benched...again.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A little Q&A with Giants defensive end Mathias Kiwanuka

I had some time earlier in the day to sit down and interview the Giants starting defensive end as he was getting ready for Thursday's afternoon practice. Here's what he had to say.

PF: How do you think the atmosphere is going to be on Monday night at the New Meadowlands Stadium?

MK: Oh it’s going to be banging. Number one, everybody is going to be excited to be in the new facility because it is definitely first class but you know with the Giants and Jets, it’s always a big game, were excited to play them.

PF: What's your opinion on the new turf? Do you think it has anything to do with Hixon's injury?

MK: It definitely does. Anytime you put a new surface in there’s a little bit of period of adjustment with not just the players, but the people who take care of the turf have to figure out the best way to manage it is. As players we just need to block that out of our head and put our trust in the front office staff knowing that they’re doing everything they can to keep us safe.

PF: Do you think it's a little more broken in now since your last time practicing on it?

MK: We haven't been back on it. I hope so. We haven’t been back on there but I honestly hope so. It was definitely slippery. I think that's the problem with the new turf systems when you put them in. I played at BC (Boston College) when they switched from Astroturf to FieldTurf and it's either too pouros or packed down and you can't get footing, but there's a sweet spot, a middle ground that you have to find. Whether it's limiting or increasing the number of sporting events on there to break it in, I'm not sure.

PF: Are you ready to get back on the field?

MK: Oh yeah, absolutely, I’m ready to play some games, man. This practice stuff is fun but it’s all about playing.

PF: With two weeks of training camp almost completed, in your opinion, how does the defense look?

MK: I think we look great. Obviously it’s a biased opinion but it’s night and day from last year to this year.

PF: Back to that 2007 defense we saw?

MK: Definitely. In my opinion, we’re ready to go.

What happened to throwing tomatoes at people onstange that just plain sucked?

Here's something for all you GaGa and Young Money fans, courtesy of Keith Buckley, lead singer of Every Time I Die.

Found it funny, hope you do too.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A look into the last week of my internship experience

It's been a few days since I've had the time to sit down and blog. Actually, I barely have any time to right now, but I'll manage to throw something on here.

As of late I've been in the last week of my internship at The Saratogian, and boy what a week it has been.

Earlier in the week, I covered the New York Giants training camp at the University at Albany. I'm also set to cover them this Thursday and Saturdayas well, capping off my summer internship at the paper. For my article in The Saratogian on Giants camp, click here.

I can't express how great it felt to stand on the sideline watching the team practice. It was a privilege and a blessing to have the opportunity to be a part of that. I also had the chance to speak to Head Coach Tom Coughlin and newly signed linebacker Keith Bulluck (I'll have a story about him on here sometime soon).

Other than covering the Giants, I also covered a Saratoga baseball team and their journey en route to the New York State Little League Championship.

The first game I had the chance to cover them was last Thursday. It was an 11-U Saratoga American baseball game and once they won, I kind of started to cover all of their games from then on. As a matter of fact, I did cover all of their games. It was a great experience to follow a team like that, and to be welcomed with such open arms by the coaches, players and supporters of the Americans. They were unbelievable and very respectful (and it made my job a hell of a lot easier, too). The team made it all the way to the semifinals of the New York State Little League Championship, the farthest any team out of Saratoga had ever made it, and their memorable run to the title is one that Saratoga County is sure to remember. They were eliminated from a Staten Island born team on Tuesday night.

Here's the team hoisting their Section III Championship banner after a seven run, walk-off sixth inning comeback.

Other than that, I've been preparing for the upcoming semester. I'll continue to write and freelance for The Saratogian and I'll also be writing for the sports section in the Albany Student Press. More news on that soon.

Before I go, I want to wish one of my best friends, Brian D., a safe return to his tour in Kuwait. Brian just headed back to his unit and I can't wait to see him trot through those airport doors in November upon his return.

Good luck Bri, we'll all miss you.

In a bit of a somber mood now, so here are some City and Colour lyrics to leave you with:

"All your friends have come and gone, and the sun no longer shines. And the happiness for what you long is all washed away like an ocean's tide. When all the hard times outweigh the good and all your words are misunderstood. When the day seems lost from the start, you must follow your heart."

More later on in the week.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Reaction to the Revis holdout

The Newark Jets have officially pissed me off.

The Jets may seem like an attractive team because of the promise they show, their brash attitude and big names they bring in, but as a Jet fan right now I feel like we're looking a lot like Dan Snyder's Redskins of the past decade.

Revis, you're the man and all, but I've just lost a little respect for you in your decision to hold out. We've already offered you the biggest contract for a defensive back in NFL history as well as short term contract tweaks like Chris Johnson just received and you've still continued to hold out. That's a selfish move and you've made your point the wrong way.

Woody Johnson, you are destroying the foundation you promised to build upon by being disloyal and unable to pay your best player the money he deserves. Without Revis the Jets do not make the AFC Championship last year, let alone make the playoffs. You need to re-asses your way of thinking when it comes to building a championship team and locking down players that provide for you year in ad year out. May I remind you that these are the players YOU drafted and traded up in the draft for. Your core wins championships, not your one year, ex-MVP signings.

You can see this from both sides. Darelle Revis just saw a player in Leon Washington, who wanted to be a "Jet forever" (sound familiar?), go down with a career threatening injury and have no guaranteed money for his family or fallback.

You can also see the Jets' side of the story, too. Entering a season where no guaranteed football will be played in 2011 is scary for a franchise like the Jets, who are already committed to long term contracts commitments throughout the locker room.

I just don't like the way things are looking right now. Let's just hope T-Rich is right:

"In the 16 years of playing football, all the holdouts I've seen have never caused aproblem in the locker room."

Get it together green.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

A little New York football preview for NFL fans

What an interesting offseason it has been for both New York teams.

For one, the Giants have finally filled the void Antonio Pierce left behind. The move strengthens their ever-thin linebacker unit who was the Giants backbone during their run to the Super Bowl in 2007.

With the addition of Keith Bulluck, a Titan’s vet who blew out his knee last season, the defensive unit who failed the Giants quest for the postseason last year is one step closer to regaining their 2007 “defense first” mentality.

Bulluck’s 108 tackles in 2009, despite his knee injury, signals the competitor he is. And the Giants signed him for next to nothing for the quality, pro-bowl type linebacker out of Tennessee. His one year, $2.5 million contract is hardly a hit on the Giants salary.

Bulluck has done nothing but express his excitement and eagerness to take the field for the G-Men and wants to show what he can accomplish on the ‘big stage’ in New York.

Most Giant fans were flabbergasted over their team’s first round selection in Pierre-Paul after learning that Antonio Pierce would not be returning for the 2010 season. With the addition of Bulluck, Giants fan can now breathe momentarily, pending on the rehab of the veterans knee.

Although it seems that the Jets have come away with arguably one of the strongest offseasons ever, the Giants aren’t too far behind them in thd ‘need’ category.

While the Jets signed future Hall of Famer’s in Ladanian Tomlinson and Jason Taylor, the Giants secured SS Antrell Rolle, from Arizona, and now Bulluck out of Tennessee. Both signings provide the Giants the help they needed to gain back that 2007 swagger; the same swagger that put Tom Brady out of his misery in the Super Bowl.

(I forgot to mention that the Jets drafted Kyle Wilson and also signed Antonio Cromartie, Brodney Pool, and some guy Santonio Holmes? I heard he’s pretty good too…)

However, one problem that both New York teams need to assess is their needy players. Along with Nick Mangold and David Harris looking for new contracts, Darrelle Revis (who is threatening to hold out) is looking to become the highest paid defensive back in NFL history, deservingly so. Steve Smith is also looking for bigger bucks in New York and he deserves a raise too. The guy doesn’t drop a ball on third down, and he is a HUGE part of the reason the Giants receiving corps hasn’t taken too much heat since Plax shot himself.

Contract situations are also looming over both NY teams heads, and especially with no CBA deal intact for next year, there is no guarantee for football or for the players looking to be paid what’s owed to them.

One thing for certain is that the Jets are going to be interesting to watch this year, but New York is still the land of the Giants.

What quarterback is going to look up and like seeing Kris Jenkins, Shaun Ellis, Jason Taylor, Bart Scott, David Harris, Calvin Pace, Kyle Wilson, Antonio Cromartie, Jim Leonhard and Darrelle Revis on the same team?

Definitely not Eli Manning…

…Kidding Giants fans, hope you’re still enjoying ’07.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer session students: still waiting for those federal aid checks? Get in line…

If you're one of the thousands of students in New York State who are waiting for those aid checks to come in from the NYS budget, I feel for you.

I was told that in the second week of June that my e-Refund account at UAlbany would transfer my Federal Pell Grant and TAP award for the 2010 Summer Session directly into my bank account.

Sadly, one month and hundreds of dollars spent from hard-earned savings and credit card transactions on gas driving to Saratoga every day for my internship later, I STILL have yet to receive my aid, all thanks to our blind-in-every-way governor who has yet to enact a budget for the 2010-2011 fiscal year.

Thank you governor Paterson (and yes I didn't capitalize the 'G' in governor on purpose and I won't allow Word to fix it for me) for your help! Who knows what you do in that office of yours but because of you and your inability to get anything accomplished for this state, let alone the students and businesses that make YOU money, I've been confined to eating tuna fish and drinking tap water due to the lack of production from YOU and the rest of our NYS trustees.

You have gotten on my nerve for the last time and I figured it's time I do something about it.

I have been up UAlbany's behind from the first week in July, much like the rest of the UAlbany summer session students awaiting their payment, and all I get from the Student Financial Services center at the university is a big "check your UAlbany mail for updates," after all I have been is patient and understanding.

Well, not only have I waited on hold for approximately 20 minutes per day listening to the terrible music they have to offer while waiting to connect to an actual member of the Student Services staff, but I'VE BEEN CHECKING MY EMAIL EVERYDAY like they tell me to and I still find nothing new about the progress of the budget.

It's sad when a student, such as myself, is granted such a wonderful opportunity to intern at a daily newspaper in Saratoga Springs, and cannot afford to put gas in his car to make it to work on a Monday after a weekend of sitting inside and scratching my ass because I don't even have enough money to enjoy a decent beer at a local bar.

Imagine telling that to your editor: "Heyyyyyyy, I can't come in because I have no money and can't put gas in my car. Sorry!"

Well I had to do that, and I'm sure that most other interns and students have been put in the same financial situation I was put in. It's not funny and it's not a situation you would want to be put in. Trust me.

Thankfully, my editor Andrew Bernstein of The Saratogian understands where I am coming from and is allowing me to work from home, which I am extremely thankful for and that's why he gets a shout-out in this blog.

He actually thinks I should start some kind of group or petition against the gov' and his inability to get anything done. We'll see…

For now, it's back to tuna fish and trying to cut some beer weight. Sayonara from the 518 (preferably the 631).

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cooperstown and cow stomach

I spent this past weekend in the baseball capital of the United States: Cooperstown, N.Y.

It was my first time ever visiting the area and it was an overall great experience.

I met a handful of wonderful people, including one of my best friends parents and another couple of whom they met after vacationing in the area for over 10 years.

I do regret not heading into the MLB Hall of Fame, but me being a broke, unpaid intern with no source of income and $4 in my bank account, I simply could not afford it.

Although I didn't make my way into the Hall of Fame, I did visit DoubleDay Field, where the first ever baseball game was played. I must say, the field was in great shape and just being there in a place with such rich history was indeed special for me. Plus, it was free.

Throughout the rest of my non-baseball Cooperstown experience, I also tasted tripe for the first time. At first I thought was some kind of fish, and I was terribly wrong.

Tripe is actually cow stomach, but hey, it tastes just like chicken. No complaints here.

I also had breakfast for the first time in months, since I'm never up in time for it. You tend to forget how great home-cooked bacon, eggs, and english muffins taste after eating ramen and tuna-fish for an entire month.

As if a delicious breakfast wasn't enough, I also had my fair share of mako shark, buffalo wings, burgers and shrimp scampi for dinner, all things I can absolutely not afford to eat during my time in Albany being a college student.

After such a relaxing and ideal no-work weekend, I'm thinking about revisiting the area ASAP.

And this time I'll make sure to head into the Hall of Fame, what was I thinking?!

Oh well, too late now. Just another excuse to head back to Coop and do it all over again, minus the cow stomach...maybe.

Can't wait.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Too hot for baseball...let alone anything

I am sweating like Lindsay Lohan in a court room right now.

It's past 9 p.m. here in lovely Saratoga Springs, at East Side Recreational Field, and the temperature has yet to drop under 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

"I'm sweating so much my wife won't even come near me," said a bystander at today’s U-19 baseball game between the Saratoga Stampede and the Colchester Cannons.

In fact, I have attracted mosquitos and bugs of all kind to feed on my poor, sweat dampened skin.

The feeling I have right now is indescribable.

I don't know how these kids do it. With Saratoga/Albany county's heat wave in effect, ruining our cars, clothes and motivation, I find it mesmerizing that these athletes can still withstand this heat.

I'm not even playing and I have sweat dripping from my forehead down to my nose, then rolling off and eventually succumbing to the wood plank bleachers beneath my feet.

Thank god for the wonderful concession stand lady here at East Side Rec or I'd be doomed.

Me, being a broke, underpaid (actually unpaid) freelance writer/sports reporting intern, has not even the funds to shell out a dollar for a water here in 90 degree heat nor the smarts to fill-up my empty at my desk at work before leaving the office.

Luckily, the lady in a black dress selling everything I desire right now, such as ice cream cones and Gatorade’s, helped me out and handed me a water on the house.

Thank the good God for such nice people.

Time to get back to the game, and back to warding off these mosquitos. More later.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Thoughts on a historic day in sports…and we still have a few hours left.

I wasn’t even up in time to realize what happened this morning for the U.S. Soccer team.
However, once I woke up and checked my phone for missed calls or text messages, I was bombarded with seven different texts from different news outlets concerning the U.S. Soccer victory.
I’m sure you all remember where you were when you were watching the game unfold. I was somewhere between my 4th or 5th stage of REM sleep, but enough of that.
You remember the stress upon your shoulders and the frustration enthralled into every referee you laid eyes on.
What sweet revenge for a team that was robbed of a win a few days ago.
And how fitting it was to see Landon Donovan net one for the U.S. in the 91st minute?
Couldn’t have picked a better finish myself.
Feel that relief?
As is Donovan’s “we’re alive, baby!” comments weren’t enough, not only one hour, or about five later, did we all learn of the most lengthy tennis match in history that STILL has yet to finish due to darkness.
Move over June 17, 1994, ESPN 30 for 30 might have to consider a June 23, 2010.
‘Twas certainly a day to remember for all sports fans.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

To all you vuvuzela haters: BUG OFF

After reading John Leicester of the Associated Press’ article on America’s recent addiction to complaining about the din of trumpets that are supposedly ruining the World Cup for some viewers, I couldn’t help but to blog about it.
Would you want to see a ban on some of our traditions America?
I’m not even a soccer fan whatsoever, and to be brutally honest, I really could care less who wins the World Cup.
With that said, I still back WCup officials 110% (which is impossible, I know) in their decision to tell these haters to step back.
So typical of some American’s to be judgmental of other nations or country’s traditions.
Leicester called this African vuvuzela tradition “mind-meltingly annoying.”
Leicester, if you honestly feel that way, don’t watch the World Cup, and more importantly, don’t write about it.
His argument: the sound of vuvuzela’s drown out the oooh’s and aaah’s of the crowd.
You got to be kidding me man.
And there’s talk of a worldwide movement to ban these things too.
SMH America. It’s time to move on from bickering about the simple things. Turn your volume down, you probably hate those announcers accents anyway. Are you going to try and ban them too?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

USC postseason play banned for two years

Lane Kiffin and Co. have their work cut out for them.

Following the NCAA's decision to ban USC football from postseason play for the next two years, USC fans and alums are awaiting Lane Kiffin's reaction to this whole ordeal.

As if that wasn't enough, the NCAA also slammed USC with four years probation, a loss of 30, that's right, 3-0, football scholarships, and fortfeits of an entire year's games for violations involving former USC Trojan and Heisman Trophy Winner, now New Orleans Saint Reggie Bush.

Did I mention that those forfeits include the entire 2004-2005 college football season when USC defeated Oklahoma in the BCS title game? The forfeits imposed also include 12 games during Bush's Hesiman-winning season which ended in a loss to Texas in the 2006 BCS title game.

There's even talk of Bush losing his Heisman Trophy, pending a Heisman Trophy Trust review.

USC was penalized for a "lack of institutional control" in the ruling made by the NCAA following its four year inverstigation on the university. USC's basketball program also suffered losses in the NCAA's decision.

The NCAA says Bush received gifts from two different sports marketers of whom were hoping to sign him. The NCAA claims that these two men paid for everything from hotel stays, to a rent-free home for Bush's family, and a limousine and new suit for his Heisman acceptance.

USC plans to appeal some of the penalties, claiming that they are excessive.


1. How the heck am I ever going to be able to cheer on USC for the next two years if there is absoultely no chance of seeing them play a bowl game?

2. THIS IS NOT REGGIE BUSH'S FAULT. Blame the unscrupulous sports agents and sports marketers who influence these student-athletes to sign with them by providing them with gifts or bribes.
Question: If someone offered you free room and board for you and your family, would you say no?
Don't penalize Reg for the monster he was during his Heisman-winning season. He deserves that trophy.

3. Carrol got out just in time.

4. Good luck Kiffin. Talk about getting the shit-end of the stick.

Monday, January 18, 2010

14 Miles Out and Only One Thing On My Mind.

So were about 14 miles out of Albany and the weather's already showing signs of a wintry prolonged winter to come.

The good old MarCar has once again, flawlessly, made it all the way back to Albany. It's a miracle; an Albany miacle. This bad boy is charging through this weather like Kerry Rhodes charged through the Chargers offensive line on his strip sack on Sunday.

Oh what a wonderful day of sports it has been. The New York Jets have proved themselves worthy enough as a legitimate AFC Super Bowl contender, regardless of what Giants fans say. Mark Sanchez already has more playoff wins than Tony Romo, however I refuse to boast about the Sanchize just yet. He hasn't proved himself worthy at the helm thus far. Therefore it's too early to judge the rook, although deservingly so, he isn't given enough credit. His 3rd down stats are a great compliment to the #1 run game in the league, and it has been obvious throughout the playoffs. Any real football fan could appreciate his heart and grit.

As for other sports news, the New York Rangers finally got something going with a 6-2 win over the Montreal Canadiens, and their former teammate Scott Gomez. They once trailed 2-0 in the game, and then went on to score six straight against the visitor. Whoa-oh-ohhhh (let's go Rangers). Marian Gaborik scored his 29th goal of the season and snapped a five-game scoreless streak. Dubinky and Callahan finally found a groove, and Hanky proved to be dominant in the land of the Ranger Faithful.

Let's here it for New York, ladies and gentlemen. More next week, I promise. And more on that 1 thing on my mind.