Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Thoughts on a historic day in sports…and we still have a few hours left.

I wasn’t even up in time to realize what happened this morning for the U.S. Soccer team.
However, once I woke up and checked my phone for missed calls or text messages, I was bombarded with seven different texts from different news outlets concerning the U.S. Soccer victory.
I’m sure you all remember where you were when you were watching the game unfold. I was somewhere between my 4th or 5th stage of REM sleep, but enough of that.
You remember the stress upon your shoulders and the frustration enthralled into every referee you laid eyes on.
What sweet revenge for a team that was robbed of a win a few days ago.
And how fitting it was to see Landon Donovan net one for the U.S. in the 91st minute?
Couldn’t have picked a better finish myself.
Feel that relief?
As is Donovan’s “we’re alive, baby!” comments weren’t enough, not only one hour, or about five later, did we all learn of the most lengthy tennis match in history that STILL has yet to finish due to darkness.
Move over June 17, 1994, ESPN 30 for 30 might have to consider a June 23, 2010.
‘Twas certainly a day to remember for all sports fans.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

To all you vuvuzela haters: BUG OFF

After reading John Leicester of the Associated Press’ article on America’s recent addiction to complaining about the din of trumpets that are supposedly ruining the World Cup for some viewers, I couldn’t help but to blog about it.
Would you want to see a ban on some of our traditions America?
I’m not even a soccer fan whatsoever, and to be brutally honest, I really could care less who wins the World Cup.
With that said, I still back WCup officials 110% (which is impossible, I know) in their decision to tell these haters to step back.
So typical of some American’s to be judgmental of other nations or country’s traditions.
Leicester called this African vuvuzela tradition “mind-meltingly annoying.”
Leicester, if you honestly feel that way, don’t watch the World Cup, and more importantly, don’t write about it.
His argument: the sound of vuvuzela’s drown out the oooh’s and aaah’s of the crowd.
You got to be kidding me man.
And there’s talk of a worldwide movement to ban these things too.
SMH America. It’s time to move on from bickering about the simple things. Turn your volume down, you probably hate those announcers accents anyway. Are you going to try and ban them too?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

USC postseason play banned for two years

Lane Kiffin and Co. have their work cut out for them.

Following the NCAA's decision to ban USC football from postseason play for the next two years, USC fans and alums are awaiting Lane Kiffin's reaction to this whole ordeal.

As if that wasn't enough, the NCAA also slammed USC with four years probation, a loss of 30, that's right, 3-0, football scholarships, and fortfeits of an entire year's games for violations involving former USC Trojan and Heisman Trophy Winner, now New Orleans Saint Reggie Bush.

Did I mention that those forfeits include the entire 2004-2005 college football season when USC defeated Oklahoma in the BCS title game? The forfeits imposed also include 12 games during Bush's Hesiman-winning season which ended in a loss to Texas in the 2006 BCS title game.

There's even talk of Bush losing his Heisman Trophy, pending a Heisman Trophy Trust review.

USC was penalized for a "lack of institutional control" in the ruling made by the NCAA following its four year inverstigation on the university. USC's basketball program also suffered losses in the NCAA's decision.

The NCAA says Bush received gifts from two different sports marketers of whom were hoping to sign him. The NCAA claims that these two men paid for everything from hotel stays, to a rent-free home for Bush's family, and a limousine and new suit for his Heisman acceptance.

USC plans to appeal some of the penalties, claiming that they are excessive.


1. How the heck am I ever going to be able to cheer on USC for the next two years if there is absoultely no chance of seeing them play a bowl game?

2. THIS IS NOT REGGIE BUSH'S FAULT. Blame the unscrupulous sports agents and sports marketers who influence these student-athletes to sign with them by providing them with gifts or bribes.
Question: If someone offered you free room and board for you and your family, would you say no?
Don't penalize Reg for the monster he was during his Heisman-winning season. He deserves that trophy.

3. Carrol got out just in time.

4. Good luck Kiffin. Talk about getting the shit-end of the stick.