Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Thoughts on a historic day in sports…and we still have a few hours left.

I wasn’t even up in time to realize what happened this morning for the U.S. Soccer team.
However, once I woke up and checked my phone for missed calls or text messages, I was bombarded with seven different texts from different news outlets concerning the U.S. Soccer victory.
I’m sure you all remember where you were when you were watching the game unfold. I was somewhere between my 4th or 5th stage of REM sleep, but enough of that.
You remember the stress upon your shoulders and the frustration enthralled into every referee you laid eyes on.
What sweet revenge for a team that was robbed of a win a few days ago.
And how fitting it was to see Landon Donovan net one for the U.S. in the 91st minute?
Couldn’t have picked a better finish myself.
Feel that relief?
As is Donovan’s “we’re alive, baby!” comments weren’t enough, not only one hour, or about five later, did we all learn of the most lengthy tennis match in history that STILL has yet to finish due to darkness.
Move over June 17, 1994, ESPN 30 for 30 might have to consider a June 23, 2010.
‘Twas certainly a day to remember for all sports fans.

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