Saturday, October 16, 2010

Two men who have seemed to lose their power...

Nolan Ryan just looks plain deflated/flabbergasted/confused here. I guess that's how it feels when you sit front row and watch your beloved Rangers fall victim to the defending World Series champs after leading, 5-0. Hey Nolan, next time sit in the luxury suites atop that ginger ale soaked Arlington ballpark so you never have to deal with a picture of you like this surfacing ever again. And as for Bush, 'nuff said.

Did Ron Washington really think that taking C.J. Wilson out of the game would strengthen the Rangers' chances of winning? Are you kidding me? If you've watched the Yankees this season or last, at all, you would know that we are a 7th, 8th and 9th inning team. We beat up bullpens and the more bullpen pitchers you throw at us the more we're going to make the game look like a quick BP session.

Say what you want about the payroll and our starting lineup, but don't expect to shut the Yanks out, nor ever count them out of a game. You saw what the Yanks did last night: sit back and let the opposing pitcher work himself into trouble and trust the guy behind you. They aren't called the Bronx Bombers for nothing.

As for C.C., Carsten is still my homeboy. One rough outing shouldn't scare anyone except the Rangers' lineup should they face him again. Guaranteed that C.C. is out for blood come next start.

Also, Robbie Cano went BOOM! again. MVP? Maybe. Clutch? Definitely.

Prediction: Yankees in 5.

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