Monday, November 1, 2010

And the award for the best halloween costume of 2010 goes to...the New York Jets

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Was it just me or on Sunday did the New York Jets give their season-best rendition of the "same old Jets?"

It was an ugly one out there, to say the least.

Mark Sanchez was running around like a chicken without a head. Not to sound corny or cliche, but really, if you dressed a chicken in a green No. 6 Jets jersey and cut its head off, you would really see some resemblance between the two. He just looked flat out terrible all game long. From the first quarter until the fourth quarter I couldn't stand to do anything but cringe every time I saw him drop back and NOT hand the ball off. A missed throw here, a dropped INT there - it was just ugly. So ugly that his stats alone back me up.

For instance, in games one through six, Sanchez converted on 50% of his passes when the defense rushed five or more players. Also during these games, Sanchez' touchdown-to-interception ratio was a favorable 7:1 with a passer rating of 96.6 to back it up.

On Sunday, game seven of the Jets' 2010 season, Sanchez had a 20% completion percentage while throwing one INT, boasting a dismal 14.2 passer rating. That's certainly not what the Jets' brass like to see out of their franchise quarterback midway through the season.

Aside from Sanchez' bad day, you have to look at the help, or lack of help, the rest of his offense provided.

For one, I thought that the Jets' receiving corps made a bad offensive game plan look even worse. Big drops by Cotchery all game long, lazy routes courtesy of Braylon Edwards, and a drop by Santonio Holmes on a drag route that could have easily led to a 40+ yard touchdown pass didn't help either.

Photo Credit: ESPN

"I never want to play on Halloween again," Cotchery said.

I don't blame you.

And if ragging on Sanchez and his receivers weren't enough, there's plenty more to say about the run-game, special teams and coaching, too.

Shonn Greene and Ladanian Tomlinson both averaged under four yards per carry, an unusual sight for both running backs. I can't even tell you how many times LT tripped emerging from the line of scrimmage. It was like somebody strung dental floss from one side of the field to the other at the line of scrimmage and LT tripped or stumbled over it every. single. time. Not to mention he fumbled late in the game as well and just so happened to be fortunate enough to end up on top of it. He also blew a blocking assignment that allowed an easy sack for Green Bay late in the game, too. Just an overall debacle from a rushing attack that before week 8 had been ranked second in the league and helped the Jets reach the AFC Championship last year.

I don't know what kind of offensive game plan the Jets were trying to get away with this week, but it didn't work in the first half, and, if tweaked, obviously didn't work in the second half either. Rex also used his challenge flag twice in the first half, a no-no for any coach, both of which resulted in unfavorable calls for the Jets.

Special teams was a disaster, too. Nick Folk, who was 13-of-15 (including a 56-yard boot) before Sunday's loss, missed a big field goal that would have tied the game late in the third quarter.

And if you were wondering why I have yet to mention Steve Weatherford in this blog, it's because I can't mutter his name without feeling my blood starting to boil. 4th-and-19 and you fake it? Come on Weatherford. When in doubt, PUNT.

So what does all of this mean?

Does it mean that Rex was wrong for giving the Jets a week off on their bye? Does it mean that the Jets are no longer a legit AFC contender? Or does it mean that in the first seven weeks of the season the Jets were just waiting to reveal their familiar "same old Jets" mantra?

No, no, and no.

All this means is that it's time for the Jets to head back to the drawing board and fix their offense, since this was the second game of the season where the Jets lost while allowing only 10-points or less on defense.

I actually considered driving three hours to scalp and watch this game from the New Meadowlands with a few buddies, but I'm happy to say now that I didn't.

Instead of having to wait two weeks to see a Gang Green touchdown, I now have to wait three (thanks Shotty).

The Jets can't get to the Super Bowl riding on hype alone - it's time to play some decent football again.

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