Thursday, December 31, 2009

Not A Fan of Rollercoasters

Calling all captains: tomorrow night is going to be one for the ages. Grab your finest tie and your cheapest bottle of champagne; which hopefully wont end up in your best friends TV this year. It's New Years Eve and it's time to reminisce on behalf of 2009. Wear your most comfortable panties and ignore your texts from afar as you spend the last ticking second of the year with people of whom you care about most. Toast to those who couldn't make it, and pour some out for the one's you've lost, but you know are there in spirit and mind alike.

Start this year off differently, such as you had promised yourself to do for the last ten years, but this time, actually do it. Make your new year's resolution to change something in your life. Change your style, change your ego, change your boyfriend, change your underwear. It has come the time where not only are you able to start over, but you are able to literally steer yourself free of trouble and sin, and rather crash into a new you. Realize that you should be thankful for every ticking second God has bestowed upon yourself, as well as the rest of your friends and family. Realize that the walls that surround you each day, can be broken and torn apart with a new attitude and a new outlook on life. Realize that being a good listener can benefit you in more ways than you would think.

I talked to an old friend today and she made me realize that receiving is a bi-product of giving. You will receive once you give, so don't be worried what you are granted in return. Be happy that you are fortunate enough to give and when your time comes, you shall receive as well. Thanks, friend, how I've missed you.

Take this time of the year to look back on 2009 and think about what you could have done differently. Think about all the times you were at an impasse with life, in general, and what you have done to overcome those battles. Build on this, and add to your character. These decisions determine who you are and what you are made of. Keep a level head and never look back, because there is no going back. Rather, stare straight into the eyes of the prize and never settle for anything less. Make proud of yourself, and work hard at making this happen.

Grab life by the horns, before it grabs you. This is your year; make the best of it.


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