Monday, January 18, 2010

14 Miles Out and Only One Thing On My Mind.

So were about 14 miles out of Albany and the weather's already showing signs of a wintry prolonged winter to come.

The good old MarCar has once again, flawlessly, made it all the way back to Albany. It's a miracle; an Albany miacle. This bad boy is charging through this weather like Kerry Rhodes charged through the Chargers offensive line on his strip sack on Sunday.

Oh what a wonderful day of sports it has been. The New York Jets have proved themselves worthy enough as a legitimate AFC Super Bowl contender, regardless of what Giants fans say. Mark Sanchez already has more playoff wins than Tony Romo, however I refuse to boast about the Sanchize just yet. He hasn't proved himself worthy at the helm thus far. Therefore it's too early to judge the rook, although deservingly so, he isn't given enough credit. His 3rd down stats are a great compliment to the #1 run game in the league, and it has been obvious throughout the playoffs. Any real football fan could appreciate his heart and grit.

As for other sports news, the New York Rangers finally got something going with a 6-2 win over the Montreal Canadiens, and their former teammate Scott Gomez. They once trailed 2-0 in the game, and then went on to score six straight against the visitor. Whoa-oh-ohhhh (let's go Rangers). Marian Gaborik scored his 29th goal of the season and snapped a five-game scoreless streak. Dubinky and Callahan finally found a groove, and Hanky proved to be dominant in the land of the Ranger Faithful.

Let's here it for New York, ladies and gentlemen. More next week, I promise. And more on that 1 thing on my mind.

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