Sunday, August 1, 2010

Reaction to the Revis holdout

The Newark Jets have officially pissed me off.

The Jets may seem like an attractive team because of the promise they show, their brash attitude and big names they bring in, but as a Jet fan right now I feel like we're looking a lot like Dan Snyder's Redskins of the past decade.

Revis, you're the man and all, but I've just lost a little respect for you in your decision to hold out. We've already offered you the biggest contract for a defensive back in NFL history as well as short term contract tweaks like Chris Johnson just received and you've still continued to hold out. That's a selfish move and you've made your point the wrong way.

Woody Johnson, you are destroying the foundation you promised to build upon by being disloyal and unable to pay your best player the money he deserves. Without Revis the Jets do not make the AFC Championship last year, let alone make the playoffs. You need to re-asses your way of thinking when it comes to building a championship team and locking down players that provide for you year in ad year out. May I remind you that these are the players YOU drafted and traded up in the draft for. Your core wins championships, not your one year, ex-MVP signings.

You can see this from both sides. Darelle Revis just saw a player in Leon Washington, who wanted to be a "Jet forever" (sound familiar?), go down with a career threatening injury and have no guaranteed money for his family or fallback.

You can also see the Jets' side of the story, too. Entering a season where no guaranteed football will be played in 2011 is scary for a franchise like the Jets, who are already committed to long term contracts commitments throughout the locker room.

I just don't like the way things are looking right now. Let's just hope T-Rich is right:

"In the 16 years of playing football, all the holdouts I've seen have never caused aproblem in the locker room."

Get it together green.

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