Thursday, July 29, 2010

A little New York football preview for NFL fans

What an interesting offseason it has been for both New York teams.

For one, the Giants have finally filled the void Antonio Pierce left behind. The move strengthens their ever-thin linebacker unit who was the Giants backbone during their run to the Super Bowl in 2007.

With the addition of Keith Bulluck, a Titan’s vet who blew out his knee last season, the defensive unit who failed the Giants quest for the postseason last year is one step closer to regaining their 2007 “defense first” mentality.

Bulluck’s 108 tackles in 2009, despite his knee injury, signals the competitor he is. And the Giants signed him for next to nothing for the quality, pro-bowl type linebacker out of Tennessee. His one year, $2.5 million contract is hardly a hit on the Giants salary.

Bulluck has done nothing but express his excitement and eagerness to take the field for the G-Men and wants to show what he can accomplish on the ‘big stage’ in New York.

Most Giant fans were flabbergasted over their team’s first round selection in Pierre-Paul after learning that Antonio Pierce would not be returning for the 2010 season. With the addition of Bulluck, Giants fan can now breathe momentarily, pending on the rehab of the veterans knee.

Although it seems that the Jets have come away with arguably one of the strongest offseasons ever, the Giants aren’t too far behind them in thd ‘need’ category.

While the Jets signed future Hall of Famer’s in Ladanian Tomlinson and Jason Taylor, the Giants secured SS Antrell Rolle, from Arizona, and now Bulluck out of Tennessee. Both signings provide the Giants the help they needed to gain back that 2007 swagger; the same swagger that put Tom Brady out of his misery in the Super Bowl.

(I forgot to mention that the Jets drafted Kyle Wilson and also signed Antonio Cromartie, Brodney Pool, and some guy Santonio Holmes? I heard he’s pretty good too…)

However, one problem that both New York teams need to assess is their needy players. Along with Nick Mangold and David Harris looking for new contracts, Darrelle Revis (who is threatening to hold out) is looking to become the highest paid defensive back in NFL history, deservingly so. Steve Smith is also looking for bigger bucks in New York and he deserves a raise too. The guy doesn’t drop a ball on third down, and he is a HUGE part of the reason the Giants receiving corps hasn’t taken too much heat since Plax shot himself.

Contract situations are also looming over both NY teams heads, and especially with no CBA deal intact for next year, there is no guarantee for football or for the players looking to be paid what’s owed to them.

One thing for certain is that the Jets are going to be interesting to watch this year, but New York is still the land of the Giants.

What quarterback is going to look up and like seeing Kris Jenkins, Shaun Ellis, Jason Taylor, Bart Scott, David Harris, Calvin Pace, Kyle Wilson, Antonio Cromartie, Jim Leonhard and Darrelle Revis on the same team?

Definitely not Eli Manning…

…Kidding Giants fans, hope you’re still enjoying ’07.

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