Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cooperstown and cow stomach

I spent this past weekend in the baseball capital of the United States: Cooperstown, N.Y.

It was my first time ever visiting the area and it was an overall great experience.

I met a handful of wonderful people, including one of my best friends parents and another couple of whom they met after vacationing in the area for over 10 years.

I do regret not heading into the MLB Hall of Fame, but me being a broke, unpaid intern with no source of income and $4 in my bank account, I simply could not afford it.

Although I didn't make my way into the Hall of Fame, I did visit DoubleDay Field, where the first ever baseball game was played. I must say, the field was in great shape and just being there in a place with such rich history was indeed special for me. Plus, it was free.

Throughout the rest of my non-baseball Cooperstown experience, I also tasted tripe for the first time. At first I thought was some kind of fish, and I was terribly wrong.

Tripe is actually cow stomach, but hey, it tastes just like chicken. No complaints here.

I also had breakfast for the first time in months, since I'm never up in time for it. You tend to forget how great home-cooked bacon, eggs, and english muffins taste after eating ramen and tuna-fish for an entire month.

As if a delicious breakfast wasn't enough, I also had my fair share of mako shark, buffalo wings, burgers and shrimp scampi for dinner, all things I can absolutely not afford to eat during my time in Albany being a college student.

After such a relaxing and ideal no-work weekend, I'm thinking about revisiting the area ASAP.

And this time I'll make sure to head into the Hall of Fame, what was I thinking?!

Oh well, too late now. Just another excuse to head back to Coop and do it all over again, minus the cow stomach...maybe.

Can't wait.

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